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3515, Miskolc, Miskolc-Egyetemváros,  Informatikai épület,                                                                                                                  Titkárság Fsz. 12. szoba. Tel:+3646-565111/14-13


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Contact hours/week (2 hours lectures+2 hour practice)
Assessment of students: Exam
Credit: 5 
Tutor: Dr. Samad Dadvandipour


The subject covers a wide range of lessons on “Classic literature in Technical Science” and “Information Science & Technology” using texts and materials taken from textbooks, newspapers, computer magazines and websites. Classic literature in Technical Science mainly focuses on the comprehensive learning of materials needed to set up students’ language skills and ability in classic engineering sciences. The lessons are based on those materials which taken from different text books, they include material science, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, electric, electronic & computer science, oil industry, energy and innovative engineering sciences. The covering topics of Information Science and Technology involve principles on computer architecture, computer application, operating system, application programs, networks, communication systems, and IT (recent and future developments). The main aim of the subject is to provide students’ ability in expanding their knowledge in R&D (Research and Development) using the English language.